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Icons of Christian Orthodox Church.

Icons are not simply decorative, inspirational, or educational. Most importantly, icons signify the presence of the individual depicted.

The icon

            is like a window which links heaven and earth. When we worship we do so as part of the Church which includes the living and the departed. we never lost contact with those who are with the Lord in glory. This belief is expressed every time one venerates an icon or places a candle before it.

The Orthodox Church

                          believes that God is the Creator of heaven and earth. The Creator is present through His creative energies of His handiwork. This means that the material world, being valuable and good. is an important means through which God expresses Himself.

The Orthodox Church

                     affirms this conviction through her extensive use of material creation not only for the embellishment of her places of worship. But also in her sacramental mysteries and services. For example, when the bread and wine – “the first fruits of creation” – are offered in the Eucharist. They are also a symbolic offering of all creation to God its Creator. Since there is no hesitation in using the gifts of creation. The interior of an Orthodox church is frequently very beautiful. Designed to create an atmosphere which is special, the building is filled with a feeling of joy and an appreciation of God’s bounty.

  Orthodoxy recognizes that beauty is an important dimension of human life. Through iconography and church appointments, the beauty of creation becomes a very important means of praising God. The divine gifts of the material world are shaped and fashioned by human hands into an expression of beauty which glorifies the Creator. As the pious woman poured her most precious oil on the feet of Our Lord, Orthodoxy seeks always to offer to God what is best and most beautif