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The word statue, originally meant anything that causes pleasure, but then came to mean, because of habit acquired by ancient erecting statues of the gods in their honor, every model of marble, wood, metal or clay depicting either gods or demigods.

art has arrived at such a point of perfection and has so much delicacy, gentleness and reflection that never since surpassed. The Greece boasts a Phidias, which characterized him as “rolling pin of the gods” and before him a Myron and a Polycleitus. But the generation of sculptures of Pericles era had prepared a whole series of earlier great artists who struggled to succeed with their mortal power to give superhuman peaceful form of the gods on the hard stone. Two centuries unstoppable effort led to the miracle of unrivaled at that time, who managed to make the cold and hard, marble, getting expression and soul and to reflect on the lively divine presence, calm, contemplative, ethereal.
The people depicted in the statues of the Classical art of the 5th century is handsome face, the perfect body proportions, but is immersed in a deep collection, which their xemakrainei than human. good people know the classical period to have weaknesses, but they know too well that have the ability to overcome and erected them yourself from all the other creatures of the earth, a sphere over human full of gentleness, subtlety and reverence simultaneously. Their ideas are and their ideals to reflect on their statues. Nothing violent or rude not agitates the serene calmness of statues, no ugly thought not askimizei their beautiful appearance.

Once lived an excellent sculptor who was known for his most beautiful creations. His name was Pygmalion. But his heart was restless. Wishing to know Love was frustrated by women who surrounded him. So he began to carved in ivory and mother of pearl the girl of his dreams. It is said that the goddess Aphrodite appeared in a dream and inspired. Indeed, created by the hands of the perfect woman, which he called Galatea. He was so moved by the sculpture, that the strongly fell in love and spent many hours with him. Venus, seeing the love of Pygmalion, permeated with the essence of the statue giving life. Thus, the sculptor Pygmalion married the beautiful Galatea and from their union was born Paphos (Pafos by others), who founded the eponymous town and one of the most beautiful temples of the goddess Aphrodite.