Saint Neophytos


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Saint Neophytos – 10x14cm

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Saint Neophytos was born in 1134AD in the small mountain village of Kato Drys near Lefkara, in Larnaca region, Cyprus.In 1159AD He found the area near Tala village where is today the Enkleistra. It was a small cave on a steep hill slope, which he carved to enlarge and then used as his hermitage.

There is evidence of Saint Neophytos’ actions until about 1220AD, after which no more activity of the saint can be traced. It is supposed that he passed away and buried in his Enkleistra around 1220.

Saint Neophytos Monastery lies 15 km west of Paphos, is one of the best-known monasteries in Cyprus. It was founded by monk Neophytos in the 12th century. Place of Seclusion, built in a natural cave, with a small chapel and the Monastery. Agios Neofytos lies 4 km west of Tremithousa.

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